No VPM 2018

7 August, 2018

VPM 2017

4 April, 2017


New website

4 March, 2016

Finally our new website is up and running! Here are a few tips and tricks..

  • You can search were ever you are on the website. Just click on the magnifying glass.
    • Search
  • If you want to get to the correct place for the part number in the catalogues then that’s no problem. Just click on them and you will get one or more options.
    • katalog
  • If you have found a part number and you want to order it. Just click on it and chose how many you would like etc.
    • Searchgcp
  • On the part number page you can find more info on when we got the part. Or if we don’t have any when it can get delivered.
    • Partinfo
  • The next tip is on the catalog page. Click on that icon and it’s much easier to navigate. You can also see the entire catalog from here or search for part numbers or other stuff in it.
  • Partinfo2

VPM 2016

8 January, 2016


We are sorry to say that there will not be a VPM meet for 2016. This is due to our expansion starting this spring. We will add a new warehouse of 2000 m2.

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